Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Babey can you beat this dude

OK yo am i the only one that think Chris brown danced his damn ass off in this seriously he was amazing i love me some Chris brown before but now i think i love me some him more and more and more and those tattoos don't get me started.what am i saying i think..i mean i know i love me some him more and more..i am a great great fan of his and now he just made me a greater. he is an epitome that shows that you should take criticisms and your faults and use it as fuel to better yourself..he did wrong he admitted it and then made himself better for it..unlike the much as you would hate him you know deep down that this brother is fine as heck and can dance his damn ass off so like ssshhhs innit lol u cant't say nothing about him he's amazing..

I just love him

Until next time
Peace and Love
Signed Gift

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