Wednesday, 29 February 2012

why would this person called Flavour Nabania that i was so much in love with feel the need to destroy a classic song like OYI and remix it..not as if he remixed it with someone that has sense he remixed it with Tiwa Sawage of all people.. Why do Nigerian artists believe that she contributes anything to their song musically or physically..i just actually lost respect for the dude..don't get me wrong i don't like Tiwa Sawage but i like two of her songs titled 'Kele Kele Love' and 'Love Me' but i don't think she should have even accepted to sing that classic song i mean some songs are just meant to be left the way they were originally made and not remixed and i think that song was one of those songs..In my opinion i refuse to listen to this song again..maybe just on my wedding day with the classic version lol

Until Next Time
Peace and Love
Signed Gift

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