Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OMG. Tyler Perry has done it again by directing and acting in this amazing movie..this movie is beyond , it had me crying my eyes out. The romance and the drama about it just blends perfectly.. Its a must watch,i don't know how else to explain had me jumping off my bed shouting at the lady because i thought she wasn't going to go with him..I mean this is the kind of movies that remind you exactly what LOVE is and what it consists of..i wish in my life i could find true love like that maybe not in the way he actually found his but something very similar..This also proves to the males out there that a black man can make it too, it just takes dedication and strive and zeal and you would make it..i LOVE this movie and i give it 5 if not 10 stars for the quality,the amazing skill, the story line and everything else about it..Good Job

Until Next Time
Peace and Love
Signed Chinenye

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