Monday, 5 March 2012

so i have been dying to get an opportunity to try my new sleek lipsticks and the opportunity has presented itself with me having to go to uni so i decided to try Sleek's Mystic lipstick in a matte finish and i have to say i absolutely love this color on me. it looks so good only down side is that i have to pack on a lot of lip moisturizer on my lips because it is so matte therefore so drying and without it i would be looking like someone that just walked out of the thriller music video wit some cracked up lips lol which my friend is not cute at all lol but apart from that i am in love with it..only thing i would advice to them is that they should really really make their lipsticks taste nice because i love lipsticks that have great taste lol just for my satisfaction nothing else lol..

Until Next Time

Peace and Love
Signed Chinenye


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